June 18, 2005


The bottoms of my feet ache so much. It's as if I haven't been allowed to sit for 48 hours straight (all of the time).

So I asked the good doctor about a power chair, for all practical purposes. (Power due to large fatigue generally.) But I can walk so I won't "qualify medically".

I'm trying to think how to manage the chair purchase that would be such a helpful tool (especially on the days when my eyesight is so poor that I cannot drive which can be often now).

GUESS WHAT HELPS MY FEET?! The standing meditation of Qigong which I've learned about through a {Sounds True} DVD/CD/book by Ken Cohen.

This seems the opposite of what I need, doesn't it? I have been getting OFF of my feet at every opportunity. I have been tenderly, half-heartedly using my feet.

I have not been standing with any "grounded-ness". You might even say I lost connection with the ground. This is the opposite of what is taught in Qigong. Evidently it's necessary for good health that is connected to good energy flow that a person have a rootedness that allows "toxins" to move down and out as well as allows good "chi" energy to flow up and through.

I know that as I tried to have my weight evenly distributed throughout my feet, I realized I hadn't done this for ages--meaning I hadn't stood solidly. I realized that my foot pain was being relieved immediately. The standing meditation continues until anyone's feet would probably get tired. Then the master instructs to massage your feet by rolling your own weight across and around the feet--as you continued to stand. It was the best foot massage!!!

There is much else in these repected Chinese exercises that directly enhances health that is affected by multiple sclerosis. I can't recommend it enough at the moment. I imagine this will only become more true as I practice. We'll see.

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