June 12, 2005

I think something here has helped: Supplements

{Solgar} Turmeric root extract 1800-2700 mg [4-6] per day
{Health from the Sun} Total EFA (flax, fish and borage oils) 2400 mg [2] per day
{NewChapter} Zyflamend (inflammation "response") ca. 1600 mg [2] per day
{Solgar} MaxEPA (fish oil concentrate) 2000 mg [2] per day
{Nature's Way} Ginger root 1650 or more mg [3-6] per day
{Nature's Way} Schizandra fruit 1160 mg [2] per day
{Solgar} Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) 400 IU [1] per day
{365} Alpha Lipoic Acid (antioxident) 500-600 mg [5-6] per day
Aspirin 365 mg [1] per day
{NewChapter} Neurozyme ("supercritical" mental clarity) ca. 1200 mg [2] per day
{Solgar} Eleuthero root extract 450 mg [1] per day (Discontinued 6/2005 to try control costs)
{Trader Darwin's} High Potency Vitamin B "50" ca. 900 mg [1] per day
{Dr. Weil's} Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg [1] per day (Discontinued use 6/2005)
{NewChapter} Probiotic CoQ10+ (enhances cellular energy) 22 mg [1] per day (only 1 due to cost)
(Discontinued 9/2005 to try control costs)
{Trader Darwin's} (odorless) Garlic 400 mg [1] per day
{Nature's Way} Black Cohosh root 540 mg [1] per day
{Nature's Way} Reishi (standardized; tonic for vitality) 376 mg [1] per day
(replaced with MycoMedicinals 6/2005)
Brewer's yeast (Discontinued use 6/2005--taste is no fun)
Added 6/2005:
{New Chapter} MycoMedicinals Mental Clarity: Lion's Mane Complex to Stimulate the Growth of New Nerve and Brain Cells 1020 mg [1] per day (only 1 due to cost)
{New Chapter} Supercritical Antioxidants: 190 mg turmeric, 150 mg green tea, 7.5 mg clove bud, 7.5 mg ginger, 7.5 mg parsley, 7.5 mg peppermint, 7.5 mg rosemary [1] per day (only 1 due to cost) begun in June 2005
{Trader Darwin's} Ginkgo Biloba tablets 120 mg [2] per day begun in July 2005

I hardly worry about eating becasue these are so many pills per day. I know it's ridiculous. But I think it really helps to feel better. Here's why:

Last February I was having requisite appointments and blood tests and new MRIs for new doctors (trying to get set up for Tysabri). I came out of one doctor's office and felt so sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired.

I decided to stop by the health food store and "get myself some treatment" if only as a gesture, in hommage to having once felt better. I picked up anything that I remembered Dr. Weil advising which was the alpha omega -3, -6 and -9s in the Total EFA formula and turmeric. (I had a basic vitamin supplement at home.)

When I had my first few days a bit free of pain at the end of April, I crossed my fingers that it was connected to turmeric and what I was trying and then went out and got everything recommended by Dr. Weil. (See drweil.com) Furthermore, the research highlights at nationalmssociety.org only supported his ideas and my experiment.

Nothing the doctors have given me have made me feel better (not including the Elavil that toned down some nasty skin-on-fire neuropathy that I used for 8 months). Rebif (and Avonex) are prophelactics: perhaps slowing down progession. (Who knows if it's helping? Who will ever know for sure at an individual level?) It's true I wouldn't be sitting up if I didn't have the lovely Provigil. (Or maybe I'd be stoking with caffeine and thus simultaneously stripping my body of nutrients just to write an email or stand up a bit.)

The eye-aches from optic neuritis (a type of head-ache), the spinal aching, the aching left leg and right arm, the ability to remember and concentrate and smell and hear, my strength and my utter happiness to not be consumed with pain have significantly improved since the end of April. It's far from perfect. Many things still don't work. I have real problems with clumsiness and balance and sleeping and still have aches and almost slip into bad eye-aches and don't see well and lose it in the heat and don't like the sunlight. But I'm so HAPPY to feel pretty good overall.

I hope I feel a better because of great spices! I'm putting some money into it for at least a while.

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