June 26, 2005

Much going well (which counter-intuitively makes me cry)

Feeling better, remembering more, means glimpses of old, youthful and honorable intentions that I had about "life" and "love". I miss those goals.

Plus, (it's probably the same for any aging,) I'm disappointed at what I achieved.

It wasn't unreasonable for me to expect to still be able to work at this time--age 42. This not-being-able to work is a huge curve-ball.

Meanwhile, I feel very lucky to have figured out that Qigong is a very good exercise. It took me 4 years to "find" without the help of any of my dozens of medical or psychological experts. Maybe there's been passing mention in MS publications or on listings of alternative therapies but nothing discernable in important ways to me. The advertising from {Sounds True} gave me the hint. Their Qigong training is a new DVD/CD/book offering. The ad was my clue. After 10 days, I'm still highly recommending Qigong if you have MS -- for pain relief and general well-being. Try it! (Even 10 days of nicer feelings is enough to make it worthwhile.)

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