February 04, 2006

Forgot that I forget

My bedroom and bathroom floors are all freshly mopped and all of my towels and some of my blankets will soon be freshly laundered because I turned the bathtub on and went to write an email (and entirely forgot about the bath, thereafter).

Cats just sit there and look at disasters happening. You'd think one of them would come and get me.

It's funny how easy it is to revert back to thinking that you can count on your memory. I guess I forget that I can't count on it.


Auntie Alberta said...

Dear Cecilia:
It is great to be able to read about you on the net.
One of my relatives suffered from lack of sleep, bad memory,sadness, etc. After seeing umpteen specialists, one suggested he try sleeping with the aid of the device that helps victims of sleep apnea to breathe better. His results were outstanding. He not only feels much better, but has also been able to discontinue most of his medications. I'm thinking it might be worthwhile for you to give it a try, if you have not already done so. I don't think there are any bad side effects.
Would you be interested in getting some used, virtually unbreakable dishes? I have surplus Melmac Boontonware, and maybe some Correlle pieces that I would be happy to send you. Let me know if you want me to do so.
My E-Mail address is rfh360@aol.com.
I hope you are clapping for the Seahawks this afternoon.
Hang in there. Alberta.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to trash your pitty party, but the same and worse happens to people who don't have MS too.

Cecilia said...

This blog is about having MS and you may pity me or people with MS, but that would be your mistake not ours. Furthermore, if you notice, many MS type problems are cross-referenced to regular aging problems on this blog. I hardly think that the only thing in the world is MS, although this blog is about having MS. Anonymous should know: decent people empathize with each other if possible, and if it's not possible, they try to keep gratuitously ugly thoughts to themselves. You are your own punishment by living within the crap you offer--or were you generously offering some advice that I should not report what happens? Should I instead lurk about on the web and crap on other people's efforts to share and be? What do you have to offer anyone?

Rachel said...

anonymous- how sad for you to spend your time researching this site and bashing it. I am so proud (in the words of Grandma Rossiter) For Cecilia to have created this expression. You may think it is deppressing, terrifying or "a pitty party" but it is someones life and life work like artwork what ever form it takes it is beautiful. And this site is not only beautiful but masterful!!!! Do you anonymous have anything you are masterful at besides creating negative nasty dramma and bashing infinite genuis resources? Are you interested in a dialauge outside of your effortless monalauge? If you could immagine that Cecilia would be your resource but I don't think you can even immagine that because your life has never been anything but what it is. Please attempt to focus your anger tward something benificial not so nasty and negative and not your family.

Cecilia said...

I discovered that my youngest sister left that above, rather agressive, "anonymous" comment. So anyone with M.S. take heart that people aren't generally trashing what happens to us. But also notice that family can be far from helpful in trying to deal with M.S. This "anonymous" sister of mine caused myself and my other sister, Rachel, to become rather sad--not just because the sister's comments make it "paddling-upstream" for us, but because we hate to see the girl make a life with that kind of content.