December 10, 2005

I've moved to the Midwest

It's wonderfur-l to have two cats to focus on. We all got through many stresses. One of my cats has a cold now that we are cosy in unusually frigid weather. But we made the whole move FINE! (Minor symptom changes and the usual pains rather than getting whacked with something.)

So I stopped at the SSA office here to sign up for Medicare Part B because my ex-employer has instructed I must have it in conjunction with health insurance premiums that I pay. People in the farm country of the center of the U.S. are . . . hardy souls [should I say]? Politicians run ads over and over on how we all need to take responsibility for ourselves in order to continue to create the state that the politician was raised in as a child, [which is also a not-so-covert comment on changing demographics.]

Coming out of the SSA office I became determined to consciously hold my healthy-self-ground rather than slouch into playing some pathetic role trying to DEMONSTRATE that I deserve or visibly-earn support from the government or whomever.

Is it good or bad that folks do not have enough imagination about other people's pains to at least give people room to be? It is good that perhaps they haven't suffered some things. But it's bad that people miss real connections that we offer each other by recognizing we are all oh-so-very-mortal.

So I also found a therapist today to address my defensive feelings, as well as everything about this new place (close to where I was born 42 years ago), not to mention to deal with the same old fallout of living ill for so long with a brain disease. Say it: "a brain disease" . . . this term may be more taboo than real sexual terms, discussing peace, or, generally, facing any lacks of absolutes.

We have to fear only fear itself. F.D.R. WWII

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