September 20, 2005

Evokelution: The next philosophical/scientific "wave of understanding"

Evolution as a scientific idea showed up simultaneously in many places as it became a legitimized idea. Previous to the Enlightenment / world-expansion-of-trade, it wouldn't occur to people that things changed that much because things didn't change much--relative to a person's lifetime--until trade and philosophies picked up their tempi, and then we noticed evolution!

Today we watch international corporations create themselves and expand into creatures larger than countries. Relative to that, as people, we are little cells and our institutions are cell colonies within the huge organism.

So, just as some of the best social science research has established that people participating in communications within events generally cause more positive outcomes for all involved parties (whereas imposed actions upon people tend to create even more problems) [e.g. in risk assessment science], we will know that we will want to be heard from within the bodies of the huge creatures inhabiting this planet--the corporations. It's kind of like how we feel about our right to vote, plus.

So, suddenly biology is going to be about communications from cells, and maybe colonies of cells, toward the more largely-motivated, incorporated, self-organism. (Mostly cells "should just communicate". Ignoring cells' communications "causes" generally less desirable outcomes for the cells and the whole organism.)

Biology is going to be looked at as the whole organism attempting to honor cell "truths", just as we, as individuals, are going to be hoping that we are heard by obviously motivated corporations that resemble gigantic organisms.

Call the new science: the noise placed on top of other noise to distinguish beneficial pattern or order . . . Responder-lution . . . No . . .


Actually, simply:

It caused this essay.

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