July 21, 2005

In my hands . . . out of my hands / how it works

Every single person I've relied upon and my own body has abandoned me at one time or another when I've needed them. True--some people have done it much more lovingly than others.

But we who are ill know that you can only try to learn how best to take care of yourself and your body and then go with the flow of whatever your body allows in order to live as much as possible.

In the same way that we deal with our bodies, we reach out to those who have abandoned us. It works best to fully accept bodies and people that fail--as long as we intend to go onward.

My body and my people have their reasons they abandon me. I will never know all of their reasons.

I do lose body functioning and I do lose people and I do miss them intensely.

(Postscript: the intention to go onward may pass beyond the
limits of the mind [read Jean Amery].)

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